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Golden Journey Lodge

A Gender Equality, Non-dogmatic, Freemason Lodge in San Francisco, California

About Golden Journey Lodge

Some important facts about us:

- Golden Journey Lodge meets in the heart of San Francisco one Friday evening per month.

- It was established by some French male Freemasons from the Grand Orient de France in 2002.

- We obtained our patent (our recognition as a masonic group) from George Washington Union who in turn obtained its patent from the Grand Orient de France. As such our masonic culture is derived from the french masonic tradition.

- The mission of the lodge has always been to provide an environment where women and adogmatic individuals could meet and grow within the masonic culture.

- The best way to find out about us is to read what our some of our members have to say on the subject. 


What is expected of you if you join

- Our expectations in order to remain in good standing includes our yearly fee which which is currently of $115.00 per year.

- We also ask that you attend a minimum of six formal lodge meetings per year. But as with many other things, you get out of freemasonry what you put into it. This is why we ask that you commit to each and every meeting (generally once a month), with the understanding that life happens and you will not always be able to oblige.

- After each meeting, we have a meal together. This is actually part of the experience. As such, you are expected to be there if at all possible.

- We also expect you to write two papers in order to progress to the next level. One of them should be on symbolism and the other on anything you wish, provided there is a link to freemasonry. There is no time limit to get them done. So if you want to cruise along for a few years, it is fine with us and entirely up to you. You will of course get any help you want with these projects.

About our obedience

GWU is a North-American Freemasonic Obedience, with Lodges in the USA and Canada, practicing traditional freedom of conscience Freemasonry for men and women from all origins who share the common values of:

  • Mutual Tolerance;
  • Respect of self and others;
  • Absolute liberty of conscience.

GWU members are committed to a quest for spiritual progress—the "Know Thyself" of the philosopher Socrates—while working towards the progress of humanity.

GWU is member of the international liberal freemasonic organization CLIPSAS, which assembles together adogmatic Lodges from all continents.