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Golden Journey Lodge

A Gender Equality, Non-dogmatic, Freemason Lodge in San Francisco, California

What we are

- We are a gender equality organization

- We are tolerant of differences.

- We are a discreet society.

- We are a continental Europe style freemasonry who works under the Anderson's constitution*. And following the continental European masonic culture, we also insist on the separation of church and state.

- We are what is called freedom of conscience Freemasons (as opposed to regular Freemasons). A freedom of conscience Freemason is not required to believe in God, while a regular mason is. A freedom of conscience Freemason also recognizes the right of women and to become members, while regular Freemasons do not. Freedom of conscience Freemasons learn through the process of doing research and thinking on a particular subject, while regular freemasonry is more intuitive. The rituals are memorized and the understanding comes from repeating it over and over again.

- We are a democracy. We vote on all the issues that affect our group.

- We are what is called a blue lodge. That means that we operate at three different levels: apprentice, fellowcraft and master mason. A lodge is a group of people sharing the same values and rituals.

- We are members of an obedience called George Washington Union. An obedience is an association of lodges that share the same values and rituals.

How many people are members of freedom of conscience freemasonry?

It is estimated that there are about 200,000 freedom of conscience Freemasons worldwide.